Knowing who happens next has been our job for years

Throughout the years, we constantly upgraded our own warehouse in Sydney, achieving among other milestones, AQIS certification and Halal certification. At the end of 2016, for strategic reasons, we relocated our own warehouse to Melbourne. Encompassing comprehensive value-add capabilities and tightly abiding by all Australian Authorities’ regulations, it is fully equipped to handle ambient, confectionery, chilled and frozen products. Efficiency, balanced with several quality control points, allow us to achieve shipment delivery service levels recognised as the highest in our industry.
In 2008, we took the corporate decision to prune from each of our offices all overheads, migrating these to our own permanent back office in Bangalore, India. With robust modern systems (including SAP) and procedures connecting numerous offices spread over 14,000kms, our infrastructure gives us a formidable platform for cost-effective growth well into the future.
Our own intensive in-market research in 7 East Asian markets throughout 2013 led us to identify glaring opportunities and to take the strategic decision to implement our unique business model across these markets. Since then, we achieved significant progress on a multitude of levels. And we continue with our well-orchestrated roll-out.