Knowing who happens next has been our job for years

Wide Distribution:   We deliver tailored-to-market products, in FCL quantities, to suitable, well-established partner distributors with wide reach into modern trade outlets, convenience stores, route trade, duty free outlets, gyms, etc., tightly overseeing the distribution coverage.

Direct supply to A-class retail chains:   We deliver a collection of as-is products, in relatively smaller quantities each, to selected partner A-class retail chains, creating opportunities for niche products and allowing our partner chains to differentiate their product offering to their clientele.
For both channels, all year round and permanently in-market, we:
  • Undertake the complete merchandising function at store level
  • Continuously look for growth opportunities at market level
  • Plan, execute and measure all marketing activities via numerous promotional avenues
Whichever channel we elect for a brand, we grow it for the long term.